Ecuadorian Milk Chocolate with Lemon Myrtle & Sandalwood Nut

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Australian native Sandalwood nuts have a beautiful creamy texture and gratifying crunch and when matched with amazing aromatic Lemon Myrtle creates a lovely light milk chocolate blend that will have you reaching for more to try and grasp these unique bush food flavours.

A satisfying cream crunch of sandalwood nut joins soft & aromatic lemon flavours that are folded into the smooth caramel tones of this decadent milk chocolate

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa Solids, Organic Cocoa Butter, Australian Full Cream Milk Powder (contains Soy Lecithin), Australian Cane Sugar, Australian Lemon Myrtle, Australian Sandalwood Nut

ALLERGEN ADVICE: Contains milk and may contain traces of nuts & soy