iKOU: Energise Your Life

iKOU: Energise Your Life

If you've been in stores lately, you may have noticed that things are looking a little different... and you'd be right!

We have recently started to stock a bigger range of iKOU, and our wonderful merchandiser Sally has been working hard to showcase the beautiful products in all their glory.

"Why more iKOU?" you ask? Well, we've been stocking iKOU since 2015, and after recently reading founder Naomi Whitfield's book 'iKOU: Energise Your Life' (which you can find in stores and online), we just had to step things up a notch!

With all products being made right here in Australia, cruelty free & vegan, wild harvested & ethically sourced ingredients, and production that is offset with solar wind & power, iKOU is leading the pack when it comes to sustainable, natural and organic pamper products.
Over the years, Naomi has found that “we all share a common link, no matter what our personal goals, challenges or circumstances: we are all healthier and happier when we eat well, sleep well, care for our bodies, reflect with gratitude and take time to do meaningful things we love”, however despite this, these are often the first things that we sacrifice when we get busy and stressed.
Resonating deeply with this, we have taken the step to stock a more iKOU to encourage our beautiful customers to not forget to take time for themselves, and to remember to take a moment to rest, relax and restore every day.
We will have different iKOU essential oil blends diffusing in stores each day, not only to showcase the product, but also to create a restful and relaxing shopping experience, creating a little escape from the hustle and bustle going on outside the store doors.
If you want to experience iKOU for yourself, these beautiful products can be found in all stores, and online now.
Isn't it about time you scheduled some 'me time' into every day? We think it is.

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