I Am That - Yoga

Luxury Natural Cork Alignment Mat


Made from recycled, natural cork, this mat is the ideal surface for your Yoga practice. Naturally antibacterial and extremely grippy (increasingly so when wet), the comfortable cork layer offers more than your every day Yoga mat. What’s more, the weightiness of the mat ensures complete flatness, immediately after unrolling. Beautifully designed, with alignment and proper posture in mind, the lines help you place your hands and feet properly and offer a guide for hip, arm, knee and chest alignment. 

  • Dimensions: L=183cm W=60cm D=4.5mm
  • Cotton carry strap
  • All natural: No harmful synthetics or toxins
  • Recyclable: Natural materials means your mat can be recycled and decomposed
  • Clean & Germ free: Cork doesn't mould or rot
  • Eco- friendly: Harvested thoughtfully from the bark of a tree allowing the tree to continue to grow & reproduce.