iKOU Energise Your Life Book


Discover how to REST . RELAX . RESTORE the iKOU way.

Over fifteen years ago, iKOU founder Naomi  Whitfield was driven to find a solution to a skin condition that plagued both her and her husband. After becoming passionate about organic skincare and wellness, they healed their skin. Later, in a moment of clarity while on holiday, Naomi decided to create a lifestyle that she has now built into a brand – iKOU.

Follow Naomi’s journey from iKOU’s early days in a Blue Mountains kitchen to the international brand it is today. Share in her business story and the tools she’s discovered as a busy woman (and a self-confessed high-achiever!) that help her to de-stress, create abundant energy and get organised to enjoy every precious day – no matter how busy it might be.

This book is an inspiring read; Naomi opens her heart and reminds us to follow our dreams to be the healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves every day.